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Last Updated Notice
2019/(165)Order No 2525 25/10/20192019-10-28View/Download
2019/(164)Order No 2485 25/10/20192019-10-28View/Download
2019/(163) "Online Payment Detail 04.09.2019 to 06.09.2019". B. Refunded Amount Detail 2019-09-23View/Download
2019/(162) "Online Payment Detail 04.09.2019 to 06.09.2019". A. Adjusted Amount Detail2019-09-23View/Download
2019/(161)3rd Time Extension Notice of e-tender No. 36 to 40/PR/JBVNL/18-19.2019-09-19View/Download
2019/(160)Empanelment Vendor List for Implementing information Technology (IT) Projects2019-09-13View/Download
2019/(159)Extension Notice for EOI No. 72/PR/JBVNL/2019-202019-09-11View/Download
2019/(157)Letter Memo No. 362, Dated 29.08.2019 (C)2019-09-02View/Download
2019/(150)2nd Time Extension Notice (Appointment of Agencies)2019-08-19View/Download
2019/(149)Vendor Empalement Notice2019-07-24View/Download
2019/(130) The_Jharkhand_Electricity_Duty(Amendment)_Rules_2018 2019-07-27View/Download
2019/(129) JSERC_Electricity_Supply_Code(1st Amendment)_Regulations_2018 2019-07-27View/Download
2019/(128) Public Notice for Review Petition FY 19-202019-07-27View/Download
2019/(127) Review Petition against Tariff Order 19-202019-07-27View/Download
2019/(126)JSERC_Electricity_Supply_Code(1st Amendment)_Regulations_20182019-07-19View/Download
2019/(125)Public Notice for Review Petition FY 19-20.2019-07-19View/Download
2019/(124)Review Petition against Tariff Order 19-20. 2019-07-19View/Download
2019/(123)Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme(DELP)2019-07-19View/Download
2019/(122)Vendor Impanelment2019-07-18View/Download
2019/(120)Empanneled Vendor2019-07-18View/Download
2019/(119) Implementation of new scheme for providing free service connections at the time of connection to leftover household in rural areas and recovery of amount in 36 equals installment-regarding thereof2019-07-18View/Download
2019/(118)Memo no.1800 dated 22.12.2016 regarding vacancy.pdf2019-07-18View/Download
2019/(117)Tariff Order jbvnl 2016-172019-07-17View/Download
2019/(116)Public Notice regarding inviting objections/comments from various stakeholders on the Petition submitted by JBVNL for True-up for FY 2016-17 & FY 2017-18, APR for FY2018-19 and determination of ARR and Tariff for FY 2019-202019-07-17View/Download
Old Notice
1 Revised Security Amount for Online New Connection 10-11-2017 View/Download
2 Petition for True-up of Erstwhile JSEB Distribution Business for FY 11-12 to 13-14(up to 5 Jan 2014) and of FY 13-14 to FY 15-16 01-12-2018 View/Download
3 Invition Of EOI for Secretarial Audit of JUVNL 06-07-2017 View/Download
4 NIT No 66/PR/JBVNL/2017-18 (Tender ID -2017_JSEB_25544_1) 27-06-2017 View/Download
5 New Service Connection Notification 15-06-2017 View/Download
6 Manual of practice for handling consumer 18-05-2017 View/Download
7 EOI Notice for leasing OPGW of JUSNL 04-08-2016 View/Download
8 Financial Bid -Limited e-Tender Notice No. 99/PR/JBVNL/201G-16-17' 03-08-2016 View/Download
9 Financial Bid - LIMITED e-TENDER NOTICE No.98/PRI/JBVNL 16-17 03-08-2016 View/Download
10 NIT 99 03-08-2016 View/Download
11 NIT 98 03-08-2016 View/Download
12 Vendor empanneled 28-07-2016 View/Download
13 Vendor empanelment List 26-05-2016 View/Download
14 Net-Metering_Solar_PV_Rooftop 26-05-2016 View/Download
15 Time Line For new Connection 03-05-2016 View/Download
16 Electric supply code regulation 2015 09-11-2015 View/Download
17 Appellate of time schedule for providing fresh electric Service Connection 28-05-2015 View/Download
18 Modified Delegation of Power 28-05-2015 View/Download