Some of the notable initiatives taken up by JBVNL :

SaralSamiksha is an online project monitoring tool to ensure real time monitoring of all on-going projects, transformer repairs works and inventory management.

  • Project Monitoring :

To ensure real time monitoring of on-going projects, JBVNL has developed this IT enabled system. The web based application facilitates the contractors to update field level progress of the project through android app or web application. The tool will enable JBVNL management at all the level to monitor details of physical and financial progress on real time basis and to take corrective measures promptly in order to complete the project on time.

  • Inventory Management :

Due to its large consumer base and geographical spread it is a matter of great concern for JBVNL to ensure maintenance of optimal inventory at all of its stores along with cost optimization. This online tool ensures accountability to keep track of material received, dispatched, inter store transfers, MHROV details at every store and at every level. Authorized users can access and monitor stock status on real time basis. The tool has two level of operations before reflection of final stock of materials on the screen i.e. data entry and entry approval. Transformer service logbook is also included in the application where user can check the movement history of inventory.

  • Transformer management :

Being a distribution utility, maintenance of its transformers is of paramount importance on the task list of JVBNL. Thus to ensure timely maintenance of transformers, JBVNL has developed “Transformer Repair Work” tool. This integrated tool has end to end monitoring to keep track of transformer received, repaired and dispatched. Users can have access to real time monitoring of stock status including transformer entry, entry approval, approval for repair, material master entry platform and material received.

In line with the vision of the Central Government under SAUBHAGYA scheme, JBVNL has taken upon itself the task to provide connection of every households of the State by the end of calendar year 2018. It is envisaged that with the progress of its mission to release connections to every households of the State the flow of applications for release of new connections will increase exponentially.

In line with its vision to ease the process for submission of applications and for releasing new connections, JBVNL has developed a web based Portal “SUVIDHA” present on its website. The application provides an opportunity to everyone to open an account on the SUVIDHA portal and have independent login and password.

After login in their account anyone can apply for new connection and also upload documents necessary for the release of the connection. The status of approval of his application will also reflect in the login account of the applicant. On verification of documents and the application, the connection will be released. JBVNL envisages to release new connection within 7 days of the receipt of the application for LT connection and within 15 days for HT connection.

As an effort of JBVNL to facilitate the ease of doing business initiatives of the State Government, SUVIDHA platform enables online generation of demand note for the release of new connection. The demand note is reflected in the login account of the new applicant. The applicant can also submit the demand note charges, through online method thereby doing away with physical touch points

An existing consumer can also view their monthly bills and billing history. Through his account the consumer can also avail other facilities/ services like load modification, ownership transfer of connection, claim settlement, security interest claim, load extension etc. The system has been linked with SASHAKT application of JBVNL. This provides an opportunity to the consumer to file their complaint through their login account.

It is important for every organization in power sector to enhance the efficiency of its staff at every level of work execution, to attract and retain talent, identify & groom future leaders from within its ranks, and to provide necessary capability building opportunities to its employees so as to be competitive in ever changing power sector scenario.

With this in view JBVNL has introduced “SAKSHAM”, a platform for training and capacity building of its human resources, which will further act as an effective instrument in transforming JBVNL into a learning organization. This initiative will be applicable for all regular employees of JBVNL including executive and non-executive.

As part of this initiative, JBVNL assessed the training need of individual employees in order to improve desired competency. Accordingly, an annual training plan has been prepared for effective delivery of training. Further, all categories of personnel shall mandatorily undergo 'induction Training/Orientation' immediately after new recruitment. Similarly, career linked training programs will be organized for employees who are at the transition points in their career.

In order to improve the training infrastructure, JBVNL is in the process to establish an in-house state-of-the-art training center in Kusai colony, Ranchi. Besides dedicated training facility at each circle office level is also being developed.

JBVNL has also collaborated with renowned training institutes such as IIM, REC, NPTI etc. to impart trainings. Further, JBVNL envisages to collaborate with international reputed educational institutes to conduct “Foreign Study Tour” on advanced power sector technologies in order to develop in-house trainers. It is vision of JBVNL to ensure a minimum of 7 man-days (42 Hours) training for each employees every year.

Ever since the existence of JBVNL, the Nigam has been striving to provide enhanced consumer services, especially for the resolution of consumer complaints. With increased penetration of information technology, the number of avenues available to the consumers for submitting complaints and suggestions has increased. Social media is one of such methods, which has over the years not only became an integral part of our life but has developed as a platform for raising and filing complaints. Thus, incorporation of new technologies and platform for receiving complaints in the existing complaint handling mechanism of JBVNL was inevitable.

In line with its vision to provide better consumer services, JBVNL has developed “SASHAKT”, an integrated centralized complaint filing and monitoring mechanism. SASHAKT provides a single window platform for more than 10 avenues of consumer complaint registration and redressal. The salient feature of “SASHAKT” includes utilizing social media platforms such as “Facebook” & “Twitter” as another mode of consumer complaint redress. Further, the conventional method for registering complaints i.e. through toll free numbers 1912, 1800-123-8745 & 1800-345-6570 and in hard copies are also part of SASHAKT. The complaints received through Mukhyamantri Jan Samwad, single window clearance system of the State Government for industries, website of JBVNL beside others are also integrated with SASHAKT system.

This IT enabled system will help in monitoring the complaints on real time basis. As a mechanism to ensure timely resolution of complaint, the system ensures implanting proper review & escalation mechanism for reporting of the complaints status up to highest level of management of every consumer complaint.

Taking inspiration of Shanti Mantra from the BrihadaranyakaUpnishad, 'Jyotirmaya' is a testament to the truly remarkable journey of a young State to transform itself from obscurity to a bright spot in the Nation. It truly embarks efforts of all three utilities of the state i.e. JBVNL (Jharkhand BijliVitran Nigam Limited), JUSNL (Jharkhand UrjaSancharan Nigam Limited) & JUUNL (Jharkhand UrjaUtpadan Nigam Limited) and its departments along with JREDA for moving towards an illuminated Jharkhand under following sections of book:

a) Jharkhand BijliVitran Nigam Limited (JBVNL): The section highlights the initiatives and the achievements of the utility under the following heads:

• Creation of multiple collection avenues or now it’s easy for consumer to pay their bills

• Focusing on power portfolio for cost optimization

• Enhancing regulatory effectiveness: Balancing consumer’s interest

• Discouraging theft, enhancing consumer accountability and making every unit count through effective energy accounting

• Customer is King: Ensuring better consumer services through multiple modes

• Expanding and strengthening supply system, meeting expectations

• Taking the IT route: Meeting present & future challenges

• Rural Electrification – Illuminating lives in rural Jharkhand embarking on the national mission of power for all & Connecting the unconnected

• Enabling the digital transformation of JBVNL

• Fueling departmental transparency and monitoring

• Reaching out to consumers

• Alignment of business and IT strategy

Numerous IT interventions have been undertaken for organizational transformation such as:

o Implementation of ERP & SCADA


o Online capex monitoring application

o Geographical Information System

o SMS based burnt DT reporting

o Online electricity connection and consumer services etc.

o Smart Metering

o Android-based mobile application (EZY-BZLY) facilitating bill payment, new connections, lodging complaint etc.