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The Finance Department of JBVNL mainly performs three functions :

• Projects and Financial Management

• Accounts and Revenue

• Internal Audit

The detailed set of responsibilities under each of the above mentioned functions are mentioned below :

1. Projects and Financial Management :

• Provide financial concurrence to project finance and participate in the tender process and execution phase from financial perspective

• Preparation of Annual Budget

• Monitor Fund management to improve utilization of fund and reduce cost of capital and increase returns from investments

• Support in preparation of project accounts for capitalisation of project work.

2. Accounts and Revenue :

• Manage Books of Accounts including recording of Capital Expenditure and Revenue Expenditure

• Checking and passing of Bills of all the vendors/contractors/service providers, employee salary as per procedure defined in JBVNL.

• Manage Cost Audit/Statutory Audit/Audit Para

• Manage Terminal Benefits

3. Internal Audit :

• Coordinate & monitor internal audit of Stores, Expenditure, Revenue and Technical matters.

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